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Virginia's Oldest and Largest Paintball Field 

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   It is all about fun at Splatbrothers Paintball Park.  Using the sport of paintball, we help you and your guests create lasting memories that are sure to spark a return visit in an attempt to capture that "Fun Factor" adrenaline rush that helps us all put a smile on our face.

Our goal here at Splatbrothers is to provide the best paintball experience each time and every time for our guests.  This paintball experience is an always evolving activity that starts right here at the beginning, your search for the right paintball field.  Find out why Splatbrothers is the best paintball field in Virginia, within these pages you will find information on all aspects of paintball.   We address some of the most asked questions about paintball, but most importantly, this information is designed to let you know what Splat brothers Paintball Park is all about and what sets us apart from every other paintball field in Virginia.

Our informational pages are designed to inform even the first time player on every aspect of what to expect when playing paintball at our park.  Our paintball pricing pages offer special deals for groups with as few as 6 players and up to 100+ guests at one time.  Paintball packages for birthday parties, church groups, bachelor parties, corporate outings and even military training are available for both weekend and weekday play times.  Our paintball playing field pages give insight on what type of terrain and structures to expect when you arrive at Splatbrothers Paintball Park.  We are constantly adding and changing fields to continue to offer a different experience each time you visit our park.  Many of our fields are developed around different movie ideas and even current video games to help compare your paintball experience to items that you are already familiar and to remind you that Splatbrothers Paintball Park is the best paintball park in Virginia.

What to Expect When Playing Paintball
What to expect when playing paintball at Splatbrothes Paintball - Richmond Virginia

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