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Splatbrothers is looking for friendly, outgoing, hard working people to add to our family of trained certified referees.  Becoming a Splatbrothers certified ref is a fun learning experiece.  

Our Referee Training Course is an open invitation to anyone that would like to become a certified referee at any of our paintball parks.

This invitation to come "tryout" for a referee position is almost like a work in progress interview.  You will be judged upon your social skills, work ethic and your ability to follow direction.  This "tryout" is on a voluntary basis and will not be compensated.  Only a select few will be chosen to become an official Splatbrothers Certified Referee.

Overview of Day 1 of training (We will hold these when ever we have someone interested)

  • Course starts at 9am until 5pm.  Lunch is included.
  • Discussion on the benefits of being a Certified Referee.
  • Job description, procedure and employee benefits are addressed. 
  • Uniform requirements
  • Classroom style training on the ins and outs of being a referee.

Should you have any questions concerning our Referee Training course, please feel free to message us via Facebook.









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