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Q&A - Promotional Days

What is a Promotion Day?

Promotional days at Splatbrothers Paintball are another way for the staff and management here at Splat to say "Thank You" for all of your support.  The promotions and give aways that will be offered through out the year and just small tokens of appreciation for helping us make Splatbrothers Paintball the best paintball park it can be. Splatbrothers Promotional Day

Please take the time to read each promotion, review its restrictions and be aware of the promotions that require advance purchase or registration to be eligible.  The intent of offering these specials is to reward our loyal repeat customers as well as those that take the time to be apart of our online presence.  These promotions will not be listed at the fields, they can only be found here online.   These promos DO require you to be active and ask for the promotion at time of registration.  Freebies are only given out at registration, no refunds or "I forgots".   

Promotion - FREE Entry w/ FACEBOOK Check-In

Following Virginia’s best paintball field on Facebook has never been so easy or as rewarding. For all of our Splatbrothers Facebook friends, simply buy a case of paintballs, check in on Facebook while at the checkout line and show the cashier and you will receive FREE ENTRY (Rental Equipment included).  For one day only, we are giving away a $20 value for simply being a Splatbrothers Facebook friend and letting your other friends know that you are proud to be a Splat Paintball baller.


  • Valid only at registration. No refunds for those that forgot. If you do forget, check out the calendar, another one is coming soon.
  • Not valid with any other coupon or promotion.
  • You must check in and show the cashier at time of payment for paintballs.
  • A purchase of one case of paintballs at regular retail price is required to receive this FREE promotion.

Promotion - Grenade Wars

Shooting paintballs is what Splatbrothers Paintball is all about, but we have decided to throw in something a little different, a paintball grenade only battle. That's right, no guns, paintball grenades only. We are going to do one 15 minute grenade game at high noon. To make it even better, every person that shows up and pays entry will get a paintball grenade for FREE. Even better, pre-register online and get a second paintball grenade FREE. That's right, 2 grenades, FREE of charge, to participate in the Splatbrothers Paintball Grenade Wars.  Additional paint grenades are available for purchase on day of event.

Promotion -FREE Entry with Big Game T-shirt

Over the years, Splatbrothers has produced alot of big game tshirts and we appreciate all of our loyal customers that wear them with pride. So, break out that oldee but goodee and wear it to the field to get in for FREE. That's right, have on any kind of Splatbrothers Tshirt at registration and you can get in for FREE.  Case of paint purchase is required at registration to receive free entry.

FREE case of paint to the oldest tshirt worn. Only one case of paint to be given away. If it is a tie, case will be split evenly.

Promotion -10% off Weekend

We know that you have a choice when it comes to purchasing your paintball equipment. This promotion is one more way of saying thank you for being such a loyal customer. For one weekend only, get 10% off any item(s) in the store. No limit on the amount of items one can purchase.


  • Paintballs, admission fee, rentals, and food are excluded

Promotion - STUDENT DAY, FREE Entry with any student id

We have all been there once in our lifetime. Being a student in today's economy is tough. Being a student that plays paintball is even tougher on the wallet. So, bring in your VALID student id and receive FREE admission. This promotion is valid all weekend and requires a case of paintballs to be purchased to receive free admission.


  • Must have valid student ID with photo

Promotion - FREE GOODIES with Report Card

FREE 2 a's = a grenade | 3 a's = smoke bomb | 4 or more a's, smoke and grenade

It's important to us to make sure that the next generation is well prepared for what the world has to offer them. We our proud of the accomplishments of our student customer base and are willing to reward their good grades with incentives at the field. So, for one weekend only, bring in your report card and you could receive a smoke bomb and paintball grenade just for doing good in school. Full Price Admission purchase is required, not valid with any other promotion or discount, valid for last reporting period only, must have valid student id.


  • Must bring report card.
  • Good for most recent reporting period only.
  • Must have matching student ID.
  • One promo per grading period.
  • Not valid with any other coupon or promotion.
  • Only valid with admission purchase.

Promotion - FREE Goggle with Mercanary Package Rental Package Purchase

Step up to the plate and go all out and we will make sure that  you are sporting a brand new head shield, FREE of charge.  For all rental guests that upgrade to the Mercenary Package, you will receive a brand new rental goggle FREE of charge.  ($20 retail value)  Now, not only will you have the fire power to mow down your competition, your goggles will be free of scratches so that you can see the balls at they explode on target.

Promotion - FREE Hat Day

It's sometimes hard to identify other paintballers outside of the realms of the paintball field. Our Splatbrothers t-shirts are always an easy target to notice a fellow baller, but you can't always wear the same shirt. Soooooo, this weeks promo is one that will fit everyones style and hopefully their head as well. For every entry paid, you will receive a FREE paintball hat. Manufacturer may vary, as does color and style, but what's in common is that it's FREE. First come first serve basis.


  • Upon paid entry you will Only valid at registration
  • Not vaild with any other coupon or discounts
  • Choice of hats: evil, empire, dye, jt
  • Cirst come, first serve on selection
  • No preregistration is required
  • No paint purchase is required

While Supplies Last

Promotion - FREE Entry with Canned Food Donation

Splatbrothers Paintball is thankful for all of it's dedicated customers and would like to thank all of those that have participated in our success. We want to help others celebrate and enjoy this time of Thanksgiving, so bring your canned goods in exchange for FREE ENTRY.

That's right, for each can of food goods you bring in, we will give you a $4 credit towards your entry fee. Bring in 5 cans, and your entry is FREE. Of course, we will always take more than just 5, but a $ 20 credit is all that is needed to get in for FREE.


  • Each canned food is good for $4 credit towards entry, bring 5 and get in free
  • Valid both days of the weekend prior to Thanksgiving
  • Not valid with any other promotion or discount

Promotion - FREE Entry with Costume

Splatbrothers Paintball loves to celebrate the holidays, especially the scary ones like Halloween To reward our customers for following our spirit of the season, we are going to give away FREE entry to all guests that sport their Halloween costume while playing at the field.

So dress the part, paint your face and come join the fun as we celebrate Halloween at Splatbrother's Paintball. A purchase of a case of paintballs is required, but for being a team player, we will reward you with a FREE ENTRY for the day, a $20 value, for just playing the part.

No GI Joe or Hunting outfits, we're looking for some creativity on this one.

Most popular costume for the day will receive a FREE case of paintballs, another $60 value.


  • Valid only at registration. Must be wearing costume.
  • Not valid with any other coupon or promotion.
  • Purchase of one case of paintballs is required


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