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December's Big Game 2017

Splatbrothers Presents

"Santa vs The Grinch"

Saturday:  December 2nd, 2017


 Story Line:  





Story Line:


On December 2nd, the Grinch now has a problem coming down his chimney this Christmas.....THE WHOS !!!

After years living in the shadow of the very creature, The Grinch, that almost ended Christmas in Whoville, the Whos have had enough. Now, as they feel him unworthy of the Christmas Spirit, the Whos want it taken back. But to do this they will not only need the help of their whole community but the help of the Special Forces of Christmas, Reindeer Team 8, Santa,the Elves and Frosty, as well.However, the Grinch refuses to take this laying down. So he assembles his own team of Christmas hitmen to help. With the likes of Max, Heat Miser, Snow Miser, Abominable with a special appearance from Ebenezer Scrooge, the Mistletoe Dream Team is ready to jump into action to hold onto his Christmas Spirit.

As the Whos said " Battles begun, the Grinch should fear it. Hold it close and dear, as we take back his Holiday Spirit !". Who will win...the choice belongs to you!

Come celebrate ,with us, a twist on this homage to Christmas classics with fun filled mission based paintball at its best all day long.


When: Saturday, December 2nd. 2017
Where: Splatbrothers Paintball field - The largest field in Virginia
  • $20 day of event: Includes game play and all day air Show up with a boy or girl toy valued at $20 or more and receive FREE ENTRY.
  • $65 day of event:  Includes game play, air all day and 2000 rounds
  • Big Game Admission + All day compressed air
  • Full Rental Equipment (FREE if needed)
  • Open mode of fire (Semi, Ramp, Burst, Auto) with 10.2bps Rof (Rate of Fire)
  • Field Speed limit will be 285fps (Feet per second)

Game Time:

9:00am Registration opens
9:30am Players Breifing
  10:00am Game on!
  13:00pm Lunch Break
  14:00pm Game play resumes
  16:00pm Prepare for Final Battle
  16:30pm Final Battle begins
  17:00pm Game Ends





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